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About us

In the heart of China lies the birthplace of the Giant and Red Panda Bear native to the Sichuan province. So it was only fitting to be headquartered in Chengdu. Pandadorf.com is more than just an online store; it's a window into the world of these adorable creatures. At Pandadorf.com, we don't just sell products; we are devoted to sharing the rich Panda Bear culture and their tales. As Chengdu-born locals, it is our mission to do anything we can to save and protect these cute endangered species. We work with enthusiasts, activists, and officials alike; portions of our proceeds are donated to help and protect the Panda Bears’ habitats and environments. From stories to news, our wide range of panda-themed treasures aims to bring the charm of these Panda Bears right to your doorstep. Join us on our delightful journey, as we share our passion and devotion for all pandas. Welcome to Pandadorf – where behind every product lies a story, and every purchase brings us closer to saving this endangered species.