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We Bare Bears Panda Cartoon: Bringing Out the Panda Bear's Personality

Written by JessicaDavis


Posted on April 01 2024

Quite often, we come across cartoons where, besides the plot, a specific character grabs our interest and makes us search everything about him from different angles. Here, we are talking about the We Bare Bears Panda cartoon that premiered around a decade ago on 27 July 2015 on Cartoon Network in the US and Canada. 

The show's unique concept involved three bears, with the panda bear as a co-protagonist. His distinctive appearance and personality captured the hearts and interests of all ages and were enough to make us visit the nearest zoo to see the panda bears. Let's unravel the appearance and personality of the panda bear in the We Bear Bare cartoon and learn a bit more about him. 

Pan-Pan: The Co-protagonist of the Trio in We Bare Bears Cartoon

In the We Bare Bears Panda cartoon, the panda bear is a giant panda, shown as the middle brother of the Grizzly bear and Ice bear. He is nicknamed Pan-Pan by Grizzly and is characterized as a tender-hearted creature who easily becomes anxious or embarrassed.

However, he is also the one who "falls in love" the most quickly. He also owns a security pillow (Miki-chan), which he pretends to be his girlfriend. The pillow is part of Grizzly's giant pillow cave in "Hibernation." He is the most creative of the brothers, having written songs in "Everyone's Tube" and undoubtedly the "cutest" as settled in "Panda's Sneeze." 

It has been revealed that the panda likes anime and other things concerning Japanese culture. In multiple episodes, he is seen eating Ramen with his brothers, and in "Hibernation," he eats a snack similar to Pocky. Panda also attends community college, where he takes a painting course, as revealed in "Panda's Art."

Characteristics of the Panda Bear

Let us quickly look at the characteristics of the panda bear from the We Bare Bears cartoon.




Pan-Pan (Grizzly, Charlie)

Our Little Baby (Grizzly)

Swollen Bundle of Allergies (Grizzly)

Beautiful Fool (Grizzly)

Little Bro (Grizzly)

Buddy (Grizzly)

Pando (Grizzly)

Other One (Nom Nom)

Big Man (Charlie)

Mr. Sprinkles (Past Owner, Grizzly)


Panda Bear 



Eyes Color


Hair Color

Black and White 


Grizzly Bear (oldest brother)

Ice Bear (younger brother)

Cinnamon Bear (older brother)


Food Truck Owner (former)

Cupcake Packager (former)



Nom Nom (frenemies)





Andy Bangs

Nom Nom (frenemies)

Origins of Panda in We Bare Bears Cartoon

In Panda 2, it is revealed that he initially lived and was raised in captivity in a controlled panda enclosure near a fictionalized version of Shanghai, China, until he escaped and met Grizzly and Ice Bear on the way. 

A stuffed panda doll was dropped into the panda enclosure by one of the staff who noticed his loneliness. Panda befriended it by giving it a personality, mainly by voicing his more profound inner thoughts through the doll. It used the doll to convince himself to look through a window on the observatory wall, something he had always been curious about but never attempted to see. 

After using the doll to prop himself up, the panda bear finds a TV set and is entranced by moving pictures and anime, which is most likely how he came to appreciate it later in his life. Panda escapes the Habitat through a food chute to show the TV to his "friend." However, after being discovered, he jumps out the laboratory window and quickly hides in a bamboo delivery truck, which brings him into downtown Shanghai. 

Appearance of the Panda Bear in the We Bare Bears Cartoon

Panda is an anthropomorphic bear with his body covered with black fur and white fur on his head (except the eyes and ears). Also, he has a white stripe across his belly. Panda is shorter than his brothers, with a broader frame than both. He is shown to have small black eyes surrounded by black fur, which he likens to a "birthmark."

The Personality of the Panda Bear in the We Bare Bears Cartoon

The panda bear is characterized as a neurotic, artistic, and something of a drama king.

He's gentle yet somewhat cowardly and insecure. He is probably the most frail of the three bears. In "Our Stuff," a basketball hits and knocks him over, so he calls for a time-out. He is also severely allergic to peanuts and cats and gets embarrassed quickly.

His hobbies include dating sites, social networking, anime, video games, and art. He is shown to be talented in drawing and painting in general, most notably manga. He falls in love quickly and tries desperately to get a girlfriend.

Panda is sensitive and easily upset. Although mostly compliant, he can become assertive if necessary, especially when his brothers are in trouble.

The Ability of the Panda Bear in the We Bare Bears Cartoon


Despite not having much athletic prowess, the panda has shown to be surprisingly agile. As seen in "Video Date," he can outrun both brothers for moderate periods and evade them while holding their laptops.


Panda has quite a photographic memory. In "Our Stuff," he can remember nearly 14 people in pretty good detail. Though his art style does a terrible job of expressing this, he's able to draw facial composites of each player, which is pretty good.

The We Bare Bears panda cartoon is a decent show featuring three different types of bears, each with unique qualities. It is a funny and heartwarming story that is not seen very often. True to its calm and friendly nature, the panda bear plays an essential role in the cartoon. Despite showcasing low self-confidence, it captures the hearts of all age groups and pokes interest in the species.

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