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Visit Panda Bears in Berlin at the Zoo Berlin

Written by JessicaDavis


Posted on February 08 2024

If you are fond of cute panda bears, Zoo Berlin is the perfect place for you, where you can witness closely the adorable, playful activities of panda Berlin. Here, you can observe them undisturbed through large glass windows around the compound. 

This article walks you through detailed information on the history of pandas at Zoo Berlin and the current status of giant pandas at the zoo. Stay tuned to delve deeper into the complete blog post ahead. 

History of Pandas at Zoo Berlin

Pandas are bamboo-eating bears who are widely considered a symbol for species conservation more than almost any other animal. 

From 1978 to 2012, Bao Bao was one of the first males of the two giant pandas in Germany and became— for the time being — the oldest known panda bear in zoos. Bao Bao and a female panda, Tjen Tjen, were given to West Germany by China in 1980. Tjen Tjen died in 1984. Bao Bao was loaned to London Zoo between 1991 and 1993. 

In 1995, another female panda bear named Yan Yan was sent back home to Zoo Berlin on loan from China in an effort to mate Bao Bao. In spite of many artificial insemination experiments, there were no babies. Sadly, Yan Yan died in 2007. A decade later, in the summer of 2017, giant pandas returned to Berlin when Jiao Qing and Meng Meng arrived at Zoo Berlin on a breeding loan from China.

Pandas at Zoo Berlin

Zoo Berlin has been the new home to Germany's only giant pandas since the summer of 2017. The Panda Garden in Berlin, Germany, was officially opened on July 5, 2017, by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The new building, which is a beautiful combination of traditional elements with contemporary architecture, provides visitors a glimpse of the endangered panda bears' natural habitat, the water forest of the Chinese mountains. The over 5,000 square mile habitat offers its cute and adorable residents multiple options for play and relaxation, in front of visitors or away from the public stare. A rocky watercourse with a small pool, trees for climbing, caves, and swings give the pandas plenty of variety in their daily routine.

At the Panda Plaza, you can understand these much-loved animals' distinctive characteristics and discover why giant pandas have become increasingly scarce. Their endangered status made it an even more contented event when Germany's first-ever panda cubs were born here at Zoo Berlin in the summer of 2019.

Let's quickly have a look at the Panda Berlin family.

#1. Meng Meng

Meng Meng is an adorable, gentle female panda who was born on July 10, 2013. She weighs approx — 77 kg. Since the summer of 2017, she has lived with male panda bear Jiao Qing in the new Panda Garden in Zoo Berlin

#2. Jiao Qing

Jiao Qing panda bear was born on July 15, 2010, and weighs approx 108 kg. He is an active, curious, and mischievous male who came to Zoo Berlin from China with a female panda, Meng Meng. In September 2019, Meng Meng gave birth to twin panda cubs named Pit and Paule. 

#3. Pit and Paule

Pit is a laid-back female panda bear child who's always ready for a nap. It does not matter how much noise his brother Paule makes; Pit carries on to snooze calmly without shaking. He inherited his proportionately long snout and trusting eyes from his father.

Does Berlin Zoo Still Have Pandas? Current Status of Pandas at Zoo Berlin

Zoo Berlin sent the first giant pandas born in Germany to China. They dispatched the 4-year-old cubs on a journey on December 18, 2023. Pit and Paule, whose Chinese names are Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan, are now living at their new home, the Chengdu Panda Base in China.

Jiao Qing and Meng Meng, parents of Pit and Paule, arrived in Zoo Berlin in 2017. They are expected to continue to live in the German capital for another nine years.

When Pit and Paule turned 4 in August 2023, the zoo said the animals would soon be despatched to China — a trip that it said usually occurs when the animals turn 2 or 3 years old but was delayed by the pandemic.

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Now that you know the history of panda bears at Zoo Berlin and the current status of pandas Berliner Zoo, you can plan to go there to observe the cute and adorable Meng Meng and Jiao Qing. However, giant Pandas have difficulty breeding, and births are particularly welcomed. Approximately 1,800 pandas live in the wild in China, and a few hundred are in captivity globally.



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