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Can I Buy Pandas and Pet Them?

Written by JessicaDavis


Posted on February 11 2024

Pandas are native to China, but many people from other countries can find them in zoos and have a glimpse in their vicinity. Going by these adorable creatures' cute, calm, and cuddly nature, you may want to pet them and think: Can I buy pandas? 

Pandas can be peaceful yet dangerous. So, is it possible to fulfill this dream? This article will dig deeply into your question and walk you through the consequences of having a cute panda as a pet. Stick around with us and continue reading this blog post to learn more about raising a baby panda and living with them.

Can You Pet a Panda? 

China panda bears may look very cute and cuddly, but that doesn't mean you can get them to add to your home. These vulnerable species are protected by law, making petting, capturing, or killing a panda illegal. 

You must know that China owns all the pandas in the world. The pandas you see in various zoos in other countries are all given on loan from China and only for a specific period of time. The expenses of having pandas in those countries are remarkable. 

The Chinese government charges a massive amount of 100 million RMB annually, let alone for keeping a panda. You must create a bamboo forest and hire panda experts to keep the pandas alive. 

Are Pandas Dangerous?

Cute pandas may look like submissive animals with their fluffy and cuddly appearance. However, when a giant panda is made angry or senses a danger to itself or its babies, it can be pretty dangerous to humans. Pandas are significantly stronger than most men, and their strong teeth and claws are dangerous. Even though panda bears rarely attack humans, when they do so, the attacks are generally ferocious.

Are Pandas Peaceful?

Pandas are typically solitary creatures and spend most of their time in trees consuming bamboo or napping between meals. They usually avoid confrontation when they come into contact with a human in the wild. Like many wild animals, pandas will run away from the scene of an encounter if given an appropriate chance. However, if humans confront a panda, thinking it's friendly, problems can arise. 

What Would Happen If You Had Pet a Giant Panda

According to the Chinese government laws, you can't legally own a giant panda. Let's see what it'd be like if you were the proud owner of a China panda bear!

#1. You would spend extravagantly on food: 

If you had a pet panda bear, you'd need a very high throwaway income for its food bill alone. Apart from the initial cost to be paid to buy pandas, you would be required to spend a lot of money on food for your panda. Giant pandas' eating ranges between 26 and 84 pounds of bamboo daily! 

#2. Giant pandas poop utterly:

Picking up after your pet panda would be a real assignment. China panda bears have impressive gut flora but aren't perfect at digesting all that plant dry matter. After a while, they poop more than 40 times! You'd spend hours each week administering your panda pooper scooper.

A normal giant panda poop is 6 inches by 3 inches in mass. You'd also have to work out how to clean the panda's enclosure without upsetting their alone time.

#3. Giant pandas are introverts:

You wouldn't have the kind of relationship with a cute panda you might accord with your dog or cat, even if you could own one. Pandas are always napping, pooping, or eating. However, they never want anything to do with people.

Adult pandas spend much of their time all alone, accomplishing a solitary lifestyle. While they may interact with one another from time to time, these get-togethers aren't common. Instead, they turn off their way to avoid direct contact with other pandas.

#4. Panda bears don't cuddle

The idea of cuddling a panda is more than enough to make anyone smile; the reality isn't so beautiful. Panda bears don't want you to touch them. These creatures have large, strong teeth, sharp claws, and abnormal temperaments. If you went to hug your China panda, he might knock you down with a mighty paw hit. Or he'd bite you out of annoyance.

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Now you know the real truth! Panda bears aren't good pets, but they are captivating creatures. It's illegal to buy pandas, but even if you could buy one, it'd be a full-time dedication. You'd need to employ a team of permanent helpers. Moreover, giant pandas typically consume over 80 lb. of food a day, and when they're not eating, they're making poops! You'd constantly be cleaning up after a pet that doesn't want anything to do with you. These sizable, adorable, cute pandas are solitary creatures and simply want to be left alone. 

Finally, this would be one of the most highly-priced and expensive pets you could own. You'd require about a million dollars annually simply to rent one China panda, and that's before feeding it, providing housing, and health care.



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