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Andy Panda! The Most Fascinating American Cartoon Production So Far

Written by JessicaDavis


Posted on May 08 2024

A panda's craze and charm are never-ending. For sheer, cuddly cuteness, nothing beats a panda. All Panda fans are well-versed in Andy Panda, a cute cartoon panda introduced in the late 30s. For those new to the panda realm, we will delve into Andy Panda's detailed insights and learn about its magical charm that has lasted for several decades.

Brief Overview of Andy Panda

Andy is a mischievous cub in the earliest episodes of the cute cartoon panda series. Andy's blustery father, Papa Panda, frequently tries to prove himself an excellent paragon. Later, Andy became a stand-alone star in the style of Mickey Mouse and even acquired a Pluto-like dog named Milo as a pet.

Andy's first cartoon was named Life Begins for Andy Panda in 1939. That was obvious wordplay on the briskly self-assured titles of that era's popular Andy Hardy movies. Ironically, a later Andy Hardy film was titled Life Begins for Andy Hardy. In 1940, Andy Panda's short, Knock Knock, was featured in the first appearance of Lantz's biggest star, Woody Woodpecker. 

Director Shamus Culhane gave the character a significant modernization for the 1944 short The Painter and the Pointer, with a modified design and a far more malicious personality than he had ever shown previously, but both Lantz and audiences disliked this new version and was not used again. Until Lantz closed his studio in 1949, he kept producing Andy Panda shorts; Andy's last shot was Scrappy Birthday (1949), featuring his girlfriend, Miranda Panda. When the studio reopened in 1951, the Andy Panda series did not return to production.

Appearance and Personality of Andy Panda 

The cute cartoon panda Andy Panda has red shorts, yellow gloves, shoes, and black and white fur. Like Woody, Andy is good friends with Woody Woodpecker and rivals Wally Walrus. They even occasionally stop Wally together. When the turtle disappeared from the series, Papa began functioning as a companion and foil. 

Significant Facts About Andy Panda

All are entries in Lantz's Andy Panda series, except for $21 a Day (Once a Month) (a Swing Symphony cartoon), Musical Moments from Chopin (a Musical Miniatures cartoon), and Banquet Busters and The Woody Woodpecker Polka, two Woody Woodpecker cartoons.

The directors for each short are noted. Several Andy Panda cartoons produced in 1940, 1941, and 1942 carry no director credit; Walter Lantz claims to have directed these shorts himself. Six Andy Panda cartoons (Life Begins for Andy Panda, Knock-Knock, Fish Fry, Apple Andy, The Bandmaster, and Scrappy Birthday), along with Musical Moments from Chopin and Banquet Busters, were released in The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection.

Sara Berner initially voiced Andy Panda from 1939 to 1941. Margaret Hill-Talbot provided the voice in 1942, and Walter Tetley remained until the character's final short in 1949. Andy made a guest appearance in the later Woody Woodpecker TV special "Spook-A-Nanny" (1964), in which Daws Butler voiced him.

Andy spent a significant part of his career in comic books. Carl Barks drew one early Andy Panda comic book adventure (New Funnies 76, 1943), and John Stanley also did Andy Panda comic book work.

In late 1943, the comic book version of Andy Panda acquired a sidekick, Charlie Chicken, and stories about their often bizarre adventures ran for many years. Some were reprinted domestically as recently as the 1990s and in Sweden as recently as 2001. Andy Panda and Charlie Chicken appeared in the Mexican comic El Pajaro Loco, both in the Editorial Novaro run from 1950 to 1984, and the Editorial Vid run from 1986 to 2010.

The cute cartoon panda, Andy Panda, was originally going to appear in The Dog That Cried Wolf, but a sheep rancher replaced the character. In 2018, Andy Panda returned to the web series Woody Woodpecker, available on the Official Woody Woodpecker YouTube channel. He was absent in later seasons, except for the brief cameo in Space Track.

The Final Wrap

In the late 30s and early 40s, Lantz Studio produced the biggest star, Andy Panda. Throughout Lantz's early promo cartoon products, Andy Panda's character was promoted as Lantz's greatest personality presentation. Andy's character was one of the most popular of his time, and that magnificent character even generated his own radio show pilot.

The cute cartoon panda, Andy Panda, is generally shown to be friendly and upbeat when not being mischievous. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Poppa Panda's voice characterization in "Andy Panda's Pop" abruptly changes from previous shorts to a W. C. Fields impersonation.

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